Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pics Pics Pics for earlier post :O)


No school and these candid pics show how much fun kids can have just getting dirty and swinging! How can boys get SO dirty?!?
I love how the simple things bring them so much joy!
Why can't we as adults be more like them?
Ella LOVES to swing, J hanging out with some kids, having a blast!
I'm sure when I post these the right side will be cut off, I just don't have time today to fix it!
Photos are uploading will post soon. :O)

OK Photobucket is NOT working cutting off my pics!

need to open a flickr account, sorry for all the pix that the right side and people are cut off :O :(

Isn't she the CUTEST little thing ever???!!!!

What a fun weekend with the girls! Katie's Bridal

shower Sat, and girls night Friday. Movies and Dinner, No hubbies and NO kids! Then on the lake all day Saturday, what more could you ask for for a 'mommy time out' ;0)
although I missed the kids and called to check on them way too often ;)

Sat Shower on the lake!

Yes this is me flipping off the jet ski