Thursday, March 13, 2008

Move over ebay I LOVE ETSY WARNING FUNNY! ;0)

This shop has funny cute saying

love these magnets for kids!


Next from Etsy I've been loving these cards since way back when I first saw them and she has added TONS more
your ANTI hallmark!

here are a few samples that are so funny go to her site to see all of her work.

Ok one of the FUNNIEST sites i've EVER seen, I MUST get some of this!
check it out!!!

Some I thought were hilarous!

These totally crack me up, but it doesn't take much to make me Laugh!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Of course it's Jackson and Ella!

He gets really into the game.


This face cracks me UP!

Ella being SO silly!
This photo is overexposed but I still like it.
she's got to go

OK more Sites/Blogs I frequently visit! WARNING

EXTREMELY cute KIDDO stuff and MOM stuff too! I've found some very unique gifts and OK you busted me, stuff for me and the kids! ;)

I really love this blog! Check it out!
it's called MyMomShops
She is a WAHM who lives in NYC if you have tons of time start at the archives and see how she started and how many cool items are listed.
here is the link.

Another site my friend Leigh sent me very cool info about local stuff in Charlotte,NC i'm thinking about doing something like this for around here.
I love to read it because I like to shop in Charlotte.

I love reading it and was So shocked and sadded to see that JenB had passed away.
That still makes me sad thinking of her little girl growing up with out a mom. :(

Hope you enjoy these sited I have Tons more to share.... coming later.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Testing new curves while she runs away....

Originally uploaded by monicareidphotography
She is getting TOO fast for me! ;)

Monday, March 10, 2008

OK lets talk SHOES, one of my FAVORITE subjects

after my kids! ;)
One of my favorite sites to DROOL OVER I mean look over ;) is the Shoe Goddess

I LOVE LOVE LOVE christian-louboutin shoes.

Thank Goodness, Steve, Jessica, Bcbg and OhDeer! does some Awesome inspiring looks for much cheaper
I LOVE how Steve Madden has a new feature the design your own Shoe

check it out!!!

How cool is that?!?!

Also Nine West has some GREAT styles this spring, also i'm LOVING the Shoe Star Challenge!
check it out!

So many shoes and only so many days and only 2 feet!

Carrie Bradshaw always summed it up the best for me in her quotes

"I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet"

"I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!"