Saturday, September 12, 2009

Images For a CURE! Our Photography Special OCT 10th!


"We are daughters, sisters, husbands and fathers. We are roommates, best friends and soul mates. We are photographers with a passion for giving back. On October 11, 2009, we will unite our talents to contribute one day of session fees in support of breast cancer research. 100% of all session fees collected on this date will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. We are hopeful, that with your support we will find a cure in our lifetime."

Images For A Cure

STEP ONE contact me for a SESSION for SUNDAY OCT the 11th i'm donating 4 sessions this day! OR to pick me or another photo click find a photographer then click on NC and choose me or another.

Here is where you pay (DONATE)
Sign up HERE

So for one day, October 10, I will be donating 100% of session fees to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.


4 Sessions Each session will last 1 hour.

$125session fee (100% of this fee is donated)
location of your choice Hickory/Lenoir Area.
Online Gallery viewing AND a PROOF CD is included.

*You can purchase a cd with your images and printing release for $200.00 (Discounted RATE for this ONE DAY ONLY!

PLEASE tell ALL of your friends about this no matter WHAT state they live in, Images for a cure OR I can find you a qualified Photographer in ANY STATE!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

So everyone is doing it ;) GOALS GOALS GOALS! and a Photo of Brent and I!

So im SO addicted to LISTS I need them to function ask Brent I write EVERYTHING down then I make a MAIN list from all my little LISTS, it's crazy I know but gotta have them, what better way to get them done then to list them for the whole world to see. I was reading Nancy's Blog how she blogged every day and was like wow awesome IDEA! Plus I LOVE how personal Caroline , Scarlette , Candace Lanning and now Cheyenne Schultz everyone who knows me KNOWS I can talk and NEVER shut up ;) so i'm going to do it here.

GOALS Personal and Business would LOVE INPUT and I always read and love your comments!

{{{{ PERSONAL GOALS }}}}}}
BLOG more often NOT just when I have a session, comment MORE on other blogs instead of just reading them and I sure do read enough! ;)

Pay It Forward when I can!

Shop LESS, SAVE MORE ( quit laughing those who KNOW me)

Don't GIVE in too easily charge what I am worth and don't CAVE!

Read nightly to kids and a bible story too!

Read MY Bible, or Sunday School book, chuch book something at least once a day!

Pray More! not just when I want something or need something, SO guilty of this!

Hire a Photog yearly for MY FAMILY!

Hurry and book our family Christmas Session with the AMAZING Caroline Ghetes
Take MORE pics of kids

Actually ORDER pics of kids (shame Shame on me)

Fill my walls with photos of MY FAMILY

Spend more Quality time with family.

Call my friends more!

Remember to breathe and WHY I'm doing this and Where I want to be.

Try NOT to let my 9-5 job drive me too crazy ;)

Go to bed before 2 am EDIT and don't get sucked into blogs and Twitter and facebook

but I DO Love me some Twitter follow me i'm monicareidphoto
and facebook request to be my friend :O)

Oh and before I forget check out my friend Cathy Yount site she rocks and has helped me out when I NEEDED a studio on the fly!

{{{{ Photography Goals }}}}}

Have done I can check these off YAY go me!
LLC.......... CHECK waiting for that number!
join PPA .......... Check
Join WPPI............Check
register for wppi roadshow ............ check going with my friend and local photog
Joy Davis
I've done tons more and now I don't have the LISTS In front of my face to see :O

{{{Photography Goals now to whenever }}}

Reschedule the 4 Shoots cancelled this weekend and upcoming week Thanks Flu! ;0)

Give out FIVE Business cards a day!

work on Mini Christmas Sessions DATES and Sessions Information Packets

BOOK 25 weddings for 2010!

Drop Pictage like a bad dream looking at HOW much money they have taken from me just this year makes me want to CRY!
I DO like the CS and Album Design but REALLY talk about the HUGE cut they take AFTER I already pay them 100 dollars a month, NO MORE!

SOOOOOOOO who do I want first thought Zenfolio but don't think they look too professional???

SO do I go with
PickPic or RedCart

Buy Prophotoblog2 (i'm VERY excited Blogspot can be imported)

Buy Showit and Proshow Gold so can do Slideshows via web and to burn on DVDS
(VERY EXCITED about this!)

Buy a decent printer for Marketing info, ours has officially died, Thanks Ella ;)

Redo Pricing and Contracts for 2010

Finish up my Marketing and Packaging also work with Heath to tweak up the Marketing!

One question here for DVD/CDFOLIOS LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cypress ones they make me drool but OUCH on even my cost any other suggestions?

what about Jewelbox? yeah nay maybe??

Find one more album vendor

Zookbinders LOVE and now leaving pictage will loose willowbook modern really want to try KISS( drooling over those little kisses, Fiano (heard only RAVES) COUTURE book, La-vie suggestions?????? i'll take them!

GraphiStudios I have tried them out NOT happy with quality!

Decide do I want to outsource Album Design or invest in Software (since see above leaving pictage)
WHAT album design software to buy since i'm dropping pictage taking suggestions
Any other than Adobe INDESIGN? There are like 10 and mixed reviews on all.

Really I want to be able to buy templates and drop them easy peasy ;)
where is that EASY button!?!

EDUCATE the IMPORTANCE to my brides about Wedding Planners and Hair/Makeup Stylist

Kymm Rocks the makeup/hair

Event Planners PLEASE allow this in your budget you WILL thank me for this!!

Kristin Vining Company

Alyse Woodward

Laura Massie

I KNOW there is more if you come to the HICKORY Area Holla at me!
i'll happily add you here.

Read the book I just bought Fast Track Photographer: The Definitive New Approach to Successful Wedding Photography

Taking Suggestions for more PHOTOGRAPHY Business books!!

LOVE this! read this

give out at FIVE business cards daily

{{{2010 maybe before then but by then GOALS and to Do's}}}}


Where to Advertise??

Will still do WeddingWire and mycharlotte wedding maybe more???

Not sure what else yet... taking SUGGESTIONS :O) :O) :)

LOVE AFFAIR WORKSHOP been in my dreams for 2 years next year going to make it happen!!!

WPPI Vegas Convention GOING!

hopefully meet

Scarlette Lillian

Jasmine Star

Just to mention 2 of the HUNDREDS I'd Love to meet!

2nd shoot a wedding or weddings with people I'd Admire WAY too many to name

Hang out with more Photogs Local and Charlotte and Asheville just for FUN not just shop talk.

NETWORK MORE with local venders do you EXIST here in Hickory???!!!!
for now it's Charlotte or Asheville!

Pay off Debt and go FULL time (well I basically am FULL Time but QUIT 9-5)

Bless your heart if you made it this far here is a Sneak Peak from the Session Cheyenne Schultz shot of us, she ROCKS!!!!
I am DYING to see the rest NOW I know how MY clients feel hee hee!!!

Thanks again Cheyenne!