Saturday, August 18, 2007

Teethy Teethy Teethy Smiles

More of Ella and still missing Jackson

I'm glad he's having a blast!

Nana said he talked the whole plain ride and hasn't stopped yet, LOL!

tonight they are going to see the Houston Astros play.

It sure is quiet around here without him, too quiet!

I'm getting sad when he gets home he will start school!

Ella is a doll and into EVERYTHING.

She's trying her best to walk, she can stand alone and balance herself but she gets MAD when she falls. TOOOOOO cute!

My grandma had her 70th B-day last week

I'm still catching up, Jackson insisted she needed a HOMEMADE cake that since she was SO old she needed special ingredients :O LOL!

he had a blast making it and putting on the 70 candles, I have to dowload the rest of the pics but here is the cake and Ella having fun eating it! She's going to

be a chocaholic!!

My "baby" boy is in Texas for the week and Ella

Me, and daddy sure are missing him already!

He's gone to visit his uncle for the week with Nana and Grandpa.

I can't believe when he gets home he starts K-5!!!!!!

Where did the past 51/2 years go?!?!

He's growing way too fast!

So this week is going to be lots of photos of Miss Ella!

Friends, Friends, Friends

I LOVE how kids have SO much fun just doing nothing.

"B" and "B" are twins & are opposite as night and day!

Big brother "T" and my Jackson love to play together.

What a fun day!

My "BELLA" Ella

I could just eat her up! I can't believe she is already 9 months!!!

She is quite the Diva!

Mr and Mrs Windsor back from Jamaica and ME ;)

Aren't they the most Photogenic and Gorgeoue couple EVER?!?!

Plus I just love them!

Lee took a pic of me and KT together and then there is a close up of me, I thought you may want to know who's going to be taking your photos. ;)

Ok where does the time go?!?!? I really do

mean to get on here more and really 'blog' but yet again it's so late and i'm tired so going to catch up on some photos.

I really am going to "BLOG" aka write more about everything and share photo sessions in the NEAR FUTURE!

here are my kids playing around and some from church.