Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thanks to Katie for my NEW blog design

Isn't it pretty?
I just love it, my friend, the talented Katie is a graphic designer/Photographer.
Please check out her blog and email her for any graphic need.
She does all custom work, Logos, templates, watermarks, etc...
If you are in the OshKosh Wisconsin area you need to book her for a photo shoot.

see link below or copy and paste into your browser

Jackson, Ella and Marley ;)

Yes, we got a new family member, Marley, she's a cockapoo, full of energy and currently in Puppy Kindergarden. I highly recommend anyone with a puppy to hire a personal trainer. If you live in this area, Keith Walker is the BEST!




Marley was Brent's fathers day present

So I let her wear the blue harness for that week, NOW she sports her PINK one. hee hee

playing around with SUNFLARE


MY Prince and Princess

Ella's new one eyed look ahahhah!


I have tons to edit this week then next week I hope to get TONS camping, my brother in law, sister and law and niece will be in town so I'm SUPER excited to get photos of all of us together.
Hope everyone has a great 4th God Bless!

OH and I emailed most of my family friends this but here is a you tube video for everyone else.
It's called God's Mess.
How God changed these peoples life.
It's really AMAZING!