Sunday, June 17, 2007

Going out for the day! Going to visit my grandma I'm super excited looking over my calend

I'm loving this WOM thing, I haven't advertised too much, but so far
I have a newborn session planned, a family of 4 session coming up soon, a 1 year old session, a 4 year old little girl who LOVES to dress up ( way excited for that one), and a couple of little dancers, that should be way cute!
I'm debating on the studio deal, I found one and it's mine if I want it, but for now I really want to do only location and natural lighting.
Although the studio does kinda excite me since some people still like the studio type of sessions, we will see.
Also I'm loving WHCC the quality of their prints just blows me away! Plus that 2 day ground is a total plus!!
I'm starting to get more comfortable with Photoshop CS2, just need more time to practice, which is in middle of night when kids are asleep ;)
My goal is to have 5 sessions a week. I'm so happy that i'm doing what I love and have always loves!
I can't wait to show some of these galleries, of course after I get the model release forms.
Ok no more rambling for now......
more tomorrow ;)


PJ's Patch said...

what is WHCC?

Monica said...

Hi Malissa!
it's the White House Custom Color
a pro printing lab.

Malissa said...

Is it online?